Zen Sushi wins Best Sushi Award 2010!

Congratulations to Michelle Carpenter, chef-owner of Zen Sushi! They won the Best Sushi Award by Dallas Observer. This is the second time (the first being in 2008) they’ve received this award!

Michelle Carpenter took the time out to share her thoughts on sushi and kid foodies. “As you know, I’m a firm believer that kids should start on sushi early!  This will expand their palates now and they will have a greater appreciation for diverse cuisines growing up.  Kids at an early age will try anything with an open mind.” Oooh we couldn’t agree more!

So what do Zen Sushi kid foodie patrons like? “Octopus, salmon roe, smelt roe, tuna and quail eggs tend to be favorites with my sushi kids.  I can’t even get some “grown-ups” to try these things.  There are lots of options for children, and at the sushi counter, if time permits, we can figure out the best textures, flavors and consistencies they enjoy.”

Thanks Michelle and congratulations again! See our Itty Bitty Foodies review on Zen Sushi here!

Till our next happy meal!


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  1. hallie

    Fellow UPPA mom here. Have been introducing sushi to boys all along and they LOVE it. Have you taken the kiddos to Dive yet? Great healthy yummy food for grownups and kids alike! We love this place for mommy-son (5) lunch dates.

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