You are more beautiful than you think – yes… really


Motherhood has aged me. I look at the crow’s feet that were never there before, dark circles under the eyes from the lack of sleep, and stray white hairs that I’ve pulled out more often than I care to remember. I’ve swapped my heels for Birkenstocks, thanks to those lovely bunions and walk around with my brain permanently stored in a jar somewhere. I look at my old photos where I was a pretty, young thing and stare at the mirror where not much is perky anymore. Earlier this week, Dove released  their Real Beauty Sketches and it was so poignant and moving, I had to stop myself and watch it again.

Seven women were asked to describe themselves to an FBI forensic artist, Gil Zamora who created composite sketches based on the women’s own descriptions. Zamora had his back to them and cannot see them. Then strangers who had spent time with the same women beforehand were brought in to Zamora to describe the women they had met. The results were startling. The pictures described by the women were clearly less flattering and inaccurate. One of the women, Melinda described them as “unbecoming and harsh and not how the world sees us.”

He loves me

He loves me

And there was my light bulb moment. I have a husband who constantly tells me how beautiful I am and my sons who picks flowers for me daily because they are “pretty like Mama.” Maybe I should listen to what they are telling me. “We spend a lot of time as women analyzing and fixing the things that aren’t quite right. We should spend the time appreciating the things that we do like,” Melinda continues on the clip. And she’s right.

Motherhood may have aged me but without my Beefcake and brood of IttyBittyFoodies, I would never have such richness and fullness in my life. And so long as those that I love think that I’m still gorgeous (bags and all)… L i f e   i s  g o o d!

Dedicated to all the mothers out there!

This is not a post about food but with Mother’s Day just round the corner, I wanted to share my thoughts on motherhood and beauty. Thanks for reading.

Photo and video source – Dove

Thank you for listening to our Motherhood Musings.


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  1. Dianna Levy

    Such a beautiful post, emblematic of the person you truly are inside and out. So happy to be able to call you my friend.

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