When you happen to have octopus tentacles in the fridge…

Octopus tentacles - dinner and a new toy...


Yes folks. You read it right. Octopus tentacles are what Pikelet and Lollo chose from the seafood counter at Central Market today. Why not I thought. It would be fun. So what next? 

I bought 2/3 lb, rinsed them well in water and dried them with paper towels. Then threw them in a little plastic container with a very generous tablespoon of unbleached white flour and 1 teaspoon of  Inchi Kabin curry powder. 

“Inchi what now?” I hear you ask. Inchi kabin curry powder is from the Peranakan culture, a small communinity of Chinese immigrants who settled and assimilated with the local Malay community along the British Straits settlements of Malaya and the Dutch controlled island of Java around the late 15th century. The two communities intertwined and resulted in a rich and colorful culture now commonly referred to as Peranakan. Their cuisine, known as Nonya cuisine is equally rich and sublime. 

I usually use the Inchi kabin curry powder in a fried chicken recipe called Inchi Kabin chicken. Here’s a recipe from Madam Kwong’s kitchen if you want to check it out. But really, you can use any type of curry powder you have on hand. I figured it’s a great time to introduce a curry flavor into their itty bitty diets and a teaspoon will do the trick. 

Back to the tentacles. Next put a lid on the plastic container and shake till the tentacles are coated with the curry powder and flour mix. Heat two tablespoonfuls of canola oil in a non stick fry pan on high heat. Drop the tentacles in carefully, one at a time till they shrivel up and turn brown. Pop the tentacles onto paper towels to remove excess oil, sprinkle with sea salt to taste and enjoy. 

Fried octopus tentacles with a touch of curry powder 

The kids loved it. If your children like calamari, this is a great alternative. Plus Pikelet especially thought the tentacles were fun to pull apart! 

Till our next happy meal!

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9 Responses

  1. Lynnette

    Oh, you have inspired me! Tentacles it is for tonight 🙂 I don’t think I even have any curry powder in the cupboard…SHOPPING!

  2. I wish my daughters were as cool as your sons 🙂
    I am pretty sure they would run the other way if I tried to get them to try tentacles~but your blog has inspired me to someday make an attempt!
    Cool you are writing, again!

  3. Michael YIM

    Hi Cheryl,
    Nice article,try mixing your Batter with Ice water!Try it & see if there’s a difference!
    Your Dad got tired of my Penang Char Kway Teow & now he wants me to cook Penang Hokkien[Soup] Mee for him each time I get back.
    He borrowed my Nissan 350Z & took yr Mum for a death-defying Spin.Please pray for him.

  4. Tiffany

    Love your blog!!! Never thought of making octopus tentacles for the kids. Looks like they will have it for dinner today.

  5. jannette

    Just bought baby squid at the supermarket with lots of tentacles and HUGE eyes…P wasn’t too impressed with the way it looked. But I am sure she will love it once it’s crunchy and salty.
    I’ll just call them wiggly chips

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