The Lab is closing (August 26, 2013)

The Lab - dry ice, water and a squirt of dish liquid! (photo by www.ittybittyfoodies.com

The Lab – dry ice, water and a squirt of dish liquid! (photo by www.ittybittyfoodies.com

We got word last week that The Lab at Lakewood will be closing its doors on August 26th. Owner, Melissa “Mess” Wright writes in her personal  blog that “it’s strictly a financial decision”.  It took me a week to finally tell Pikelet and Lollo and they cried a bit. But Mess says not to be sad so we’ll try instead to think about the great things about The Lab and how it was one of the happiest places in Dallas for our boys (and for Beefcake & I).

Good times! (www.ittybittyfoodies.com)

Good times! (www.ittybittyfoodies.com)

We’ll think about the countless, messy, slimy birthday parties we had attended there including Mess’ own birthday soiree which was pure fun.

Pikelet's 'Amazing' Molecule Kit (photo www.ittybittyfoodies.com)

Pikelet’s Amazing Molecule Kit (photo www.ittybittyfoodies.com)

Both PikeIet & Lollo had their birthdays there for their 6th and 4th birthdays which inspired this Molecule Cake Topper and our superduper cool molecule party favor kit.

Baby Preying Mantis - photo by www.ittybittyfoodies.com

Baby Preying Mantis – photo by www.ittybittyfoodies.com

Mess introduced us to cool stuff like preying mantis pods and to Da Vinci, the bald python my Pikelet wore around like a necklace. She taught Pikelet how to use a soldering iron at Summer Camp and how there can never be too much glitter on her weekend parties.

Get Your Geek on at Home - parties are going mobile (photo www.ittybittyfoodies.com)

Get Your Geek on at Home – parties are going mobile (photo www.ittybittyfoodies.com)

But The Lab has not completely gone away. It will be going mobile and offering parties at your home. However it’s a limited schedule on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month. For more information, just email Mess and pricing is listed on their website.

I have said this a million times, but I am extremely grateful for our customers and supporters. This was a difficult decision, but it was the best decision for my family and our future. (I’m not finished, though!) – Mess Wright

We hope you’re not finished either! And instead of ‘goodbye’, we’ll just say ‘we’ll see you later’. We love you guys!

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  1. S Collett

    I am so sorry to hear about the closing of the Lab. It was such great fun for the children as well as a great learning place. It was fun for the adults and grandparents too.

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