The best gift I received was this carton of eggs


Forest Gump once said “Life was like a box of chocolates”. I see life more like a carton of eggs. We walk about protected only by delicate shell and a false sense of security. We push limits thinking we’re indestructible but one wrong move and we’re falling off the kitchen table and heading for Splatsville.  And as I reflect upon 2012 and my entire life for that matter, I realize the best gift I have ever received is my carton of eggs. Most of us, seldom wake up thinking how glorious it is to be alive. Perhaps if more of us did, it will change our perspectives and challenge how we live. So for 2013, I’d like to cherish my carton of eggs more, whether it’s sunny side up one day or scrambled the next.

Happy New Year! Till our next Happy Meal!

Thanks for listening to my Motherhood Musings

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