Thanksgiving at every meal

Many happy meals are eaten off these dishes

We have one set of dishes in our house. I remembered buying them 5 years ago and how ‘grown up’ we felt to have a ‘proper’ set of dishes. It was bought from one of our favorite lifestyle design companies, notNeutral. Beefcake and I discussed whether we should still keep our old hodge podge set and keep these as our ‘good’ dishes for special occasions, after all… what if we *gasp* broke one? In the end, we did away with the old set and decided enjoy them on a daily basis and see what happens. Today, as I look at them, the dishes are like a metaphor on how we aim to live our lives.

They sit right out in the open on a display shelf, totally transparent and without doors to hide behind. The display changes throughout the day like a moving piece of artwork: dishes are moved, used, cleaned, stacked and restacked. It’s dynamic, forever changing and not always pretty. And if you look closely enough you’ll even see a few missing dishes because they broke. It’s not quite the perfect set, just like our lives.

But as I reflect in this Thanksgiving season, I’m happy and grateful for the set I’ve been given. So next time you go past your display cabinet and look at your ‘good’ dishes, take them not just for a special occasion but share a happy meal with your precious family, just because you can.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Till our next Happy meal!

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4 Responses

  1. Stacie Martin

    What a beautiful posting. Every day is special enough to use the good stuff! Good thing to remember…
    It reminds me of the zen sentiment that all things are on their way to being broken. Thought of this way, it’s not such a tragedy when that does occur – it’s just life!

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