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Lollo & Pikelet I’ve just updated a new page on Pikelet and Lollo. Click here to see who these itty bitty foodies are. Thanks for your support and joining us on our yummy adventures! Spread the word. Read More
I look forward to our ‘sandwich hugs’ every morning. Before Beefcake heads out the door, we have a little ritual. Beefcake opens his big arms and calls out ‘horseradish’, Pikelet says he’s ‘kobe beef’, Lollo wants to be ‘cornichon chippies’ and I’m pumpernickel bread, next we squish ourselves together and make a ‘sandwich’. It’s our family group hug. 137 Read More
Octopus tentacles – dinner and a new toy…   Yes folks. You read it right. Octopus tentacles are what Pikelet and Lollo chose from the seafood counter at Central Market today. Why not I thought. It would be fun. So what next? 102 Read More
I’ve added a section called ‘Home Made’. It will document my blogging journey as I’m ‘making’ this blog at home as well as recipes and sometimes… disasters that I try at home with Pikelet & Lollo. I’d love to hear from readers what they’ve been cooking at home for their own itty bitty foodies. So tell me… what did you have for dinner this week? Read More
The infamous Chee Japa “Chee japa! Chee japa!” For the longest time Lollo would say these words over and over again. As said in my About page, he had only a handful of words so whenever he said something consistently, we’d try and figure out what he was saying. Finally one day when we drove by Allen Street in Uptown and he excitedly cried out the same phrase “Chee japa, chee japa”. And finally the mystery was solved. He was Read More