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dinner in just a few minutes I don’t know about your kids, but Pikelet & Lollo love eating food associated with characters in their favorite books – see the Turkey Lurkey Fruit Plate recipe here thanks to the Henny Penny story. Last night’s dinner was clams and bacon steamed in beer and my Itty Bitty Foodies were thrilled they were going to eat Pam the Clam from their Dr Seuss “Tooth Book“. “Clams have no teeth,” says Pam the clam. Read More
  Honeycrisp apples are in season now! A cross between a Macoun and Honeygold apple, we first discovered this tart and sweet crispy gem when we lived next door to Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington.  The apples burst with flavor and Pikelet & Lollo  have aptly named their favorite breakfast apple, “The Big crunch!”  (If you are interested, see an old article I wrote for DMagazine on my beloved Seattle here). The season for Honeycrisp apples is short usually around mid October for a month or so though I’ve Read More
8 Ball Squash … the cutest little zucchini in the world!  They’re round and the size of a billiard ball – thus the name 8 ball squash. They are so darn cute, it’s almost a pity to cook them. But here’s a delicious recipe for you to try with your kids. Pikelet & Lollo liked to play with them more than eat them but the squash did looked good enough to try (which is all a parent can ask for). It’s a wonderful Fall accompaniment especially with grilled Lamb Rib Read More
“Do you like Dive Coastal Cuisine?” It’s a question that many moms asked me when I say that I’m a passionate blogger on food and restaurants for kids. With such a flurry of talk on the street (or rather… playgroups), our two Super Hero Itty Bitty Foodies donned on their best capes (a.k.a tea towels courtesy of Nanna when she was in England) to see if there was anything fishy about the scene. Upon entering this Snider Plaza Read More
Halloween Pancakes Everybody loves pancakes and they are easy enough to make. This month we’ve been experimenting with Halloween faces and letting  our itty bitty foodies, Pikelet & Lollo, decorate their pancake with fruit. What a fun and healthy way to add more fruit to their diets! I won’t post a recipe this time as pancakes recipes are on the pack but I would like to add two tips. To make them fluffier, we mix in a scoopful of flax to the batch. Flax seed is a good Read More
Tacos galore from Rusty Taco “Taco joints are the new fro-yo” announced my friend, A. Talking about where to find your favorite taco is not a new topic especially here in Dallas but there does seem to be a spate of generation-next taco joints opening lately. These restaurants are hip and modern, with a simple menu of tacos handmade on the spot. We like them because they are casual, the ingredients are fresh, the beer list is good and Read More
Pork belly has been trendy for a quite some time with upmarket restaurants. I’ve had it recently at The French Room, Bijoux restaurant and Charlie Palmer at The Joule. So when I spotted it at the Whole Foods on Park Lane a few days ago, I immediately bought six lbs (cut up and packaged in 1lb packs). You can get it readily at most Asian supermarkets but since I don’t frequent them often enough, I stocked up. Both Read More