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Motherhood isn’t what I expected

I was never one of those little girls who dreamed of being a mother. While some girls idolized Lady Madonna, mine looked more like Coco Chanel. Even after I got married, my husband and I weren't sure about going on the parent trip or parent trap as we viewed it back then. It wasn't until one day we searched our hearts and asked ourselves "Would we regret not having children 30 years on?" There was never the 'right time' to start a family, so we just jumped into the deep end except nothing happened for years. Motherhood isn't what I expected.

Thank you, cancer and no thanks.

When cancer comes into your lives, it takes the color out of life as you know it. Thank you, cancer, I'll never take life for granted again.I'm saddened to report that the little buggers have grown. We are now getting ready to tackle Season 2 with cancer in our family. Surprisingly, through this difficult journey, a lot of good has come into our lives and for that, we say Thank You, Cancer. But no thanks. You're not welcome.

Four fast casual restaurants to try with kids

With little hangry kids, families want their food fast but not necessarily fast food if you know what I mean. Families looking to eat healthier also want food made with fresh, wholesome ingredients. However, fast and wholesome can sometimes be a tricky combo. This is where the 'fast casual' concepts do well with us especially when time is short. So what's the difference between fast food concepts versus fast casual places? Both types of eateries lets you order at a counter and does not have table service. However, fast casual concepts have higher quality of food and are made to order. Some that we've featured previously are Dive Coastal Cuisine, Carbone's and Modern Market. Our aim at meal time is to 'eat the rainbow' so here's four fast casual restaurants that IttyBittyFoodies love.

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