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Focus is my word of the year & here’s how I plan to do it, 25 minutes at a time – photo by What can you do in 25 minutes and what does that have to do with New Year’s resolutions? Hello January! This year, I am dedicating a word for 2018. The word for me is F-O-C-U-S. With so much going on in our lives, I am finding it difficult to do anything Read More
Fast casual concept Arepa Tx serves up wholesome meals in a flash – photo courtesy of Arepa Tx With little hangry kids, families want their food fast but not necessarily fast food if you know what I mean. Families looking to eat healthier also want food made with fresh, wholesome ingredients. However, fast and wholesome can sometimes be a tricky combo. This is where the ‘fast casual’ concepts do well with us especially when time Read More
IttyBittyFoodies holiday gifts list includes local company, Cutelery for happy holiday feasting – Photo courtesy of Cutelery This year our IttyBittyFoodies holiday gifts list is going small and meaningful. Our kids have so much stuff which is why last year Santa regifted their own toys for Christmas in Why I’m Giving My Kids Their Old Toys For Christmas. It didn’t go so well with my kids but my parent readers loved it! This year their Read More
Indie Beauty Expo at Neiman Marcus - photo by
BEAUTY GIFTS FROM INDIE BEAUTY EXPO FROM NEIMAN MARCUS Beauty gifts from 100% wild sourced ingredients at Girl Undiscovered – Photo by Let’s take on a healthier approach when buying beauty gifts this holidays. People don’t realize that your skin is your largest organ. It surprises me that we aren’t conscious of what we put on our skin as we are with the food we eat. This year, we discovered some clean beauty lines Read More
Beautiful baby - photo by Carissa Byers Photography
Give thanks for all the small things in life – photo by It’s the season to give thanks and this Thanksgiving, I wanted to share the birth story of our youngest son, Googie. Why him and not the older two? Googie was born in early November. It’s not a birth that most parents envisioned. It was so traumatic, I nearly died and he wasn’t alive when they took him out via emergency caesarian. One Read More
usama - Photo by
  Yayoi Kusama exhibit with Kids – Photo by Fall for the Yayoi Kusama exhibit this season at the Dallas Museum of Art. “All the Eternal Love I have for the Pumpkins” is one of Kusama’s signature infinity mirrored rooms traveling around the country that elicits pure joy. I wasn’t going to write about the Kusama exhibit since it’s been a month since it opened. However, I’ve read so many comments from people feeling Read More
Big Bend Texas with Kids
IttyBittyFoodies’ guest TRAVEL contributor Helen Yoon tells us how she hiked Big Bend Texas with her four year old. Exploring Big Bend with Kids My husband and I love the outdoors. Hiking, biking, swimming, camping, you name it. It has been our unspoken goal that we explore this world together and instill in our son, a love for adventure and nature. We began taking short hikes with him when he was 3 months old on Read More