Nutella Hot Chocolate

A record snow day in Dallas! 7 inches fell last night and Dallasites woke up to a beautiful sunny blue skies and a winter wonderland. Our East Coast friends will laugh that our kids were kept home from school but what a novelty to be out and feeling soft powder flakes crunch beneath our Ugg boots. We didn’t have snow gear but armed with a bit of imagination and Sterilite storage lids, The IttyBittyFoodies went sledding in the yard and threw a few snow balls. Two hours later after teaming up with neighbors for a snow ball battle and making our “Very Snowy Caterpillar”, a tribute to one of our favorite authors, Eric Carle, the kids were ready for a hot bath and a Nutella Hot Chocolate.

It's cold, have a Nutella hot chocolate (photo by www.ittybittyfoodies.com)

It’s cold, have a Nutella hot chocolate (photo by www.ittybittyfoodies.com)


Milk – 8 oz for each child

Nutella – 1 heaped tablespoon for each cup of milk used

Cocoa powder – We prefer Valhrona chocolate powder and put in a teaspoon for each cup

Marshmallows – are much as you will let them

Whipped cream



In a small pot, bring milk to a boil over high heat. As soon as it bubbles, turn heat down to low. Add Nutella and cocoa powder and stir till dissolved. Pour your hot chocolate into cups, add marshmallows and whipped cream. Enjoy.

Till our next Happy Meal! Stay safe and enjoy watching The IttyBittyFoodies sledding in Dallas!


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  1. Rosey

    Ha! I love the caterpillar snowbug!! That’s cute, and Nutella hot chocolate is the perfect way to warm up after making such a thing. 🙂

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