Lunch date with Googie at Nosh Euro Bistro

Lunch date at Nosh Euro Bistro (photo by www.ittybittyfoodies.com)

Lunch date at Nosh Euro Bistro (photo by www.ittybittyfoodies.com)

With the two older boys (ages 8 & 5 years) at school now, baby Googie is our usual lunch date. At 11 months, we’re journeying into the exciting territory of restaurant food! We still bring our own baby food  and slowly introduce new tastes through the restaurant dishes we order. Nosh Euro Bistro is the first of our Lunch Date series which are mini reviews or snapshots with our baby/toddler food recommendations.

Truffle Mac & Cheese at Nosh. (photo by www.ittybittyfoodies.com)

Truffle Mac & Cheese at Nosh. (photo by www.ittybittyfoodies.com)

We love that no one balks at the sight of a baby at Nosh despite posh digs at the Highland Park address. They’ve always had high chairs, right from the beginning. There’s no ‘kids menu’ but plenty for toddlers to eat. For Googie, we ordered a side of Truffle Mac & Cheese. I guess if he’s going to eat mac and cheese, it might as well be truffled! The dish is delicious, even for adults. Mini macaroni pasta baked to perfection in a cheesy, bechamel sauce with a hint of truffle. It’s the perfect size for baby mouths.

Cheese for the little guy

Grand Cru Reserve for the little guy (photo by www.ittybittyfoodies.com)

Unlike my other two boys, Googie does not mind cheese. We’ve tried several including this Grand Cru Reserve Gruyere which he loved! He didn’t care too much for the mild provolone so he might be a strong flavored cheese kind of guy.

Wagyu meatballs are a treat at Nosh (photo by www.ittybittyfoodies.com)

Wagyu meatballs are a treat at Nosh (photo by www.ittybittyfoodies.com)

The second dish we ordered to share were the Wagyu Meatballs. Oh my, four delectable ping pong sized meatballs sitting on top of mini crostinis and a rich creamy bearnaise sauce. It’s a casual dish with five star finesse and reminds us that the spirit of Aurora (it’s predecessor) still lives on. Googie didn’t take to the texture of the meatballs but this is his first try. Using the Wagyu beef was genius and ensured that the meatballs didn’t turn out dry. Beefcake and I enjoyed the rest of them.

Escargot is next for you, Googie, but that will have to wait till another time. Nosh Euro Bistro is one of those places that the whole family enjoys. It has excellent food, a great wine list and not too pricey. Thanks for visiting Googie Wonderland, our place for all this baby and toddler.

Click here for more information on Nosh Euro Bistro or read our full IttyBittyFoodies review.

Till our next Happy Meal!

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