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Summer time means road trips especially around the Texas Hill Country. Beefcake’s favorite BBQ spots of all time is Kreuz Market in Lockhart, Tx. Lockhart has long time been known as the BBQ capital.

We favor Kreuz Market because they are bold enough to serve their meat almost naked, no sauce with just a rub. It’s heaven when there’s nothing in between you and a perfect prime rib. Texans have an unrivalled talent for smoking and slow roasting meats, there’s no need to hide it if it’s done right.

Not only do they not have barbecue sauce, they are no forks, no plates and up until recently no credit cards – no kidding.

Patrons line up to order their meat by the pound in the barbecue pit room. Our favorites are the beef brisket, ribs, pork and a link or two of the jalapeno sausages all made in-house. The order is chopped and weighed and placed on butcher’s paper.

The same lady who has served us every time we’ve visited since 2000 is still there. She passes us four extra sheets of butcher’s paper a.k.a our plates and some pieces of white bread.

From there, we move to the dining hall where we pick our fixings like sauerkraut, fresh whole avocado, German potato salad and drinks. The mess hall is filled with long tables, each with a a generous supply of paper towels in anticipation of what’s to come.

The meal is a carnivorous binge and the kids are tickled pink to eat with their fingers. The sausages are a tad spicy but as four year Lollo puts it with tears in his eyes, “So spicy but so good.”

If you’re not fortunate enough to get the chance to visit the mothership of barbecue in Lockhart Texas, there is a Dallas outpost in Oak Cliff called Lockhart Smokehouse.

Click here for more info on Kreuz Market.

Till our next Happy Meal!


  • Food: Best Texas BBQ!
  • Ambiance: Big red casual barnhouse
  • Service: Warm and friendly
  • Kid Friendliness: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • Itty Bitty Foodies Tip: Our kids love eating with their fingers
  • Parent Foodies Tip: Try and make a side trip if you’re traveling through Texas Hill country! You won’t regret it.

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  1. Shelby

    Did you know there is now a Lockhart’s BBQ in the Bishop Arts Diatrict?!?! They are bringing the smoking wood up from Lockhart. Same great BBQ!! Check it out- not as far as a drive!

  2. On our cross country trek to Los Angeles, my girlfriend and I made a pit stop to Lockhart (Barbecue capital of Texas) for some real Texas barbecue. The folks here in Central Texas are serious about their smoked meats. No more so then Kreuz.What constitute “REAL” Texas Barbeque?- Real barbecue is served on butcher paper, not some silly plate.- Sauce? Nonsense! It’s all about the meat.- It’s eaten with your hands… NOT utensils!- What’s a sandwich? – You order by the pound. – The place must have a long historyAll that equates to Kreuz… No plate, no forks (knives/spoon are available), and definitely NO SAUCE!So when you arrive during peak hours… know what you want or be subjected with humiliation and asked to step aside to ponder on your indecision. The place has two large dining areas. One area is a “vegetarian” side; and what that entails is: coleslaw, german potates, sauerkraut, and beans. A least this place has a little humor. We had some City Market BBQ in Luling a few hours earlier. So we were a bit full. But that didn’t stop me from ordering a few slices of brisket, a pork rib, and a ring of cheddar jalapeno sausage. Also, went in the vegetarian side to order a cup of German potatoes. First off, the sausage was delicious. Yummy smoky flavor. Spices gave good heat. Secondly, the brisket and ribs had a beautiful char on top. Good layer of fat on the meat. The bad part about it was that it was really dry. Hence, I wish I had some barbecue sauce. Blasphemous I know (hey, I’m a city slicker… we need sauce). Without any juicy marbling, there wasn’t an explosion of flavor! Two factors that need to be considered was that 1) we came in at 3:30pm… by that time, whatever meat was left from lunch was probably just sitting there. 2) Again, we had amazing barbecue at City Market a few hours earlier. So I could have been biased. If I ever drive through Lockhart again, I’ll definitely be back. Weeell, not until I try Black’s and Smitty’s first.

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