IttyBittyFoodies Celebrates 2 years!

Happy Birthday to IttyBittyFoodies blog! You may have noticed that as the blog grows older, it’s getting bigger with fun new sections. First get on the move with Pikelet & Lollo in our new Travel section which has taken us to Telluride and summer road trips to San Antonio and Lockhart in the recent months. There’s StyleSurfing which is about all the non-food stuff we love like Back to School Chooze shoes and even something for Beefcake with the launch of Kale Naturals skin care products. Also take a squiz at our favorite books whether they are recipe books like Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook which is a compendium of their last 20 years to Funny Faces, which makes breakfast fun 365 days of the year to some of our fave kid books like the Donut Chef.

Celebrating 2 years with a cream puff!

As with tradition we’re focused on expanding our children’s palates and shopping round town for great restaurants to take your kids to like Julian Barsotti’s new venture Carbone’s Fine Foods or the dim sum at Kirin Court. And we love sharing healthy and tasty food finds like Kaurina’s Indian Kulfi and Three Happy Cows yogurt which are both made right here in Dallas.

A big thank you goes out to readers who voted and voted till IttyBittyFoodies made it the Top 25 Foodie Moms by Circle of Moms. And the blog is ranked 9th on Urbanspoon Dallas leadership board.

Looking forward to more culinary adventures!

On a personal side, in the last 12 months, Pikelet started elementary school and has lost 4 teeth. He spent his 6th birthday at his favorite sushi restaurant, Tei An and both boys had parties at The Lab where they gave away Amazing Molecule Kits as party favors. Lollo is now 4 years old with ever changing taste buds, though not as adventurous as his big bro, he continues bravely with his No Thank You Bite. And inspired by a meeting with Amy Chua aka Tiger Mom, Beefcake and I continue persevering with our mission to get our children to be adventurous eaters. Also do take a look at Lollo’s new passion: his beloved worm bin where we’re all learning to be better to Mother Nature.

We love hearing from you. Please keep sending me tips and questions either to ittybittyfoodies (at) gmail (dot) com or like us on our Facebook page and drop us a line. Follow our tweets at ittybittyfoodie or pin with us at http://pinterest.com/ittybittyfoodie/

Till our next Happy Meal!

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