IttyBittyFoodies celebrates 1 year

Lollo & Pikelet

Happy Birthday IttyBittyFoodies! It’s time to have a Birthday Month Celebration! A year ago, I didn’t know if I could write again after taking a hiatus from writing when Lollo was born. Well here we are on our 60th post and nominated for Babble’s Top 100 Mom Food Blogs (please vote here under Cheryl Collett), named one of Dallas Best Blogs on Wherelocalseat.com and was featured on TinyDallas under Moms We Love.

Pikelet is about to turn 6 and Lollo is now 3. We’ve since moved into a house and started a veggie garden. Our favorite all time family restaurant still remains to be Si Tapas (IBF’s 1st post) and we’ve tried numerous ones along the way such as Dive Coastal Cuisine, Crossroads Diner, Zen Sushi, Watels and Chocolate Secrets – for a full list click on Restaurant Reviews.

On the cooking side, Lollo has perfected his duck dish and Pikelet has made up his own Lychee meringue mousse recipe in honor of Kate & Will’s Royal Nuptials. Look at Home Made for more recipes.

The kids still don’t eat everything but we do have a No Thank You Bite to get them to at least try new things. We’ve discovered that we’re Mad about Macarons (the French ones!) and found a great new tasting milk from Texas Daily Harvest. Look at IBF Faves. We’re keeping out of the heat at Le Cafe by Little Play Spaces and hanging out Main Street Garden at the Lily Pad Cafe.

For Beefcake and this IttyBittyFoodies’ Mama, we’re pleased to watch our children go on their culinary journey and see how they’re evolving. We love that at this young age, Pikelet & Lollo are starting to make good choices on things like snacking. Check out Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother – IttyBittyFoodies style.

I’ve started freelancing again (resume here) writing for publications like the Dallas Morning News and working on an exciting recipe project with Artizone, a food delivery company that houses some of Dallas’ best food artisans. But best of all, I’d like to say Thank You to all of you for giving me a chance to get my writing voice back.

May you all have lovely Sandwich Hugs each morning with your kids!

Ps before I go, please check out photographer Erin Blinn’s website who took these fabulous new photos of the IttyBittyFoodies.

Till our next Happy Meal

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9 Responses

  1. Susan Collett

    Wonderful. Well done. Cheryl and Itty Bitty Foodies.com. Wonderful food judgement, have tried many of your places. Hope to try more. Best wishes for the future

  2. Yay!! Well done you. I love reading your blog and I love seeing the kiddies evolving hairstyles (since we can’t see their faces) I do think that it is time for itty bitty to do a travel special from Asia though, don’t you?!

  3. Molly

    Happy Birthday and congratulations! Love the blog, and I always read it with your beautiful voice in my head! Looking forward to more school fun this year. hugs!

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  5. Kristin

    Congrats, Cheryl!! So happy to have been in the conversation early on and so happy you ran with it. Great job and here’s to many many more!! xoxo

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