Is Kickstarter the new Groupon?

Cinnamon buns from Sweet Mama's Bakery, a Kickstarter project - photo by IttyBittyFoodies

Cinnamon buns from Sweet Mama’s Bakery, a Kickstarter project – photo by IttyBittyFoodies

Is Kickstarter the new Groupon? I’ve just discovered Kickstarter, a company that helps start small businesses by the power of the populace or crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is where you pool contributions from various people to support a project which could be a new book, film or any creative brainchild that someone comes up with. In exchange, backers get a little ‘thank you’ present for the money they pledge. This is awesome for foodies who support a food business like Kyle and Tammy Gabhart’s Sweet Mama’s Bakery. The couple from Keller Tx are offering to send out their “thank yous” in the form of cinnamon buns. The higher your pledge, the more cinnamon buns you receive. So for a bargain of $26 that pledge level gives backers a baker’s dozen (13) of their signature cinnamon rolls (free shipping within the US). The project only goes ahead if enough money is pledged within a time frame so there’s nothing to lose. And if it kickstarts, you not only receive goodies but you have the pleasure of knowing that you made someone’s dream business get off the ground. And that should give you a warm and fuzzy feeling, just like their cinnamon buns will.

Click here to check out Sweet Mama’s Bakery Kickstarter project or their Facebook page here.

Till our next Happy Meal!

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