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We asked a few local food lovers to share their favorite food finds.

Everyone likes a deal, whether it’s a bargain-priced ingredient or a fabulous prepared food. But keeping up with all the deals is tricky.

Here’s help for the deal-hunting hungry: a list of everyday deals for food lovers. Aided by an army of local food professionals and smart shoppers, we canvassed the city and suburbs for food finds. Besides staples at rock-bottom prices, our roundup includes under-the-radar prepared foods and inexpensive, super-fresh seafood and produce.

As always, prices might change.

Read on for our top picks.


Specialty produce: H-Mart

Cheryl Ng Collett, author of the IttyBittyFoodies blog, finds the best prices for specialty produce here. For example, 59 cents for a small package of enoki mushrooms, $4.99 for shiitake mushrooms and $3.49 for oyster mushrooms.

2625 Old Denton Road, No. 200, Carrollton; 972-323-9700.


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