First foray into the organic baby food arena


organic baby food – Ella’s Kitchen, Sprout (www.ittybittyfoodies.com)

It’s been 5 years since we had a baby in the house and boy have baby food changed! With Googie just the right age for solids, I’ve made some pretty fantastic discoveries about baby food out there. First of all, where are the jars? Most baby food comes in a tube and what an array of choices! I’ve tried making my own but have been unsuccessful at pureeing the food smooth enough for Googie to eat without gagging. (No I do not have Beaba Cook  – should I get one?!) So off we went to the supermarket to find such a delicious (YES I TRY THEM) assortment of food out there for him.

Baby food from Australia - Bangers & Mash (Photo www.ittybittyfoodies.com)

Baby food from Australia – Bangers & Mash (Photo www.ittybittyfoodies.com)

Our favorite is Ella’s Kitchen where his little mouth opens wide for spinach, rutabagas and apple or carrots, apples and parsnips. Our other favorites are Earth’s Best, Plum Organics and Sprout. We start meat solids at 9 months so stay tuned for more mushy adventures. And just on the other side of the pond, Australian babies are munching on mushed up Bangers and Mash by Rafferty’s Garden.  Yum.

Till our next Happy Meal! Thanks for visiting our baby/toddler section, Googie Wonderland.

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  1. Beats cooking pureeing and straining those organic petit pois only to have them spat back at you hey! ( yes i still rember your dissapointment at that!
    Beaba cook? Was convient to be able to steam and them blend all in one unit but the blender itself was no different to any other..that was a model from 7 yrs ago though

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