Earth Day Pledge – Be kinder to Mama Earth

Pottering in the vegie garden

 I’ve just spent a glorious afternoon out in the garden with my two IttyBittyFoodies. It’s the time of day when glowing sun turns all colors to a more vibrant hue. Pikelet & Lollo smelled roses, watered herbs and generally pottered about discovering fresh leaves and flowers blooming. It was an idyllic moment where Mother Nature was at her best until my mind wandered to the parts of the world that have recently suffered her wrath – Fukushima, Auckland, Rio de Janeiro. What on earth is happening to our … Earth?

So this got me thinking about what I can do to make my corner of the world a little better starting with small things like eating produce sourced locally or sustainably, using water from the rainbarrel to water the garden, recycling more, composting, using solar energy, less wastage etc. My list goes on. I’m just one person but if together we plow in our efforts, we can make a difference. I know it sounds trite to make pledges to the earth since Earth Day is coming up April 22-23rd but today is as good as any to start.

By being kinder to the earth, it is my hope that generations after me can spend idyllic afternoons like these with their children. The little rascals think that I gave them life but in truth, it is them that have given me this wonderful new life.

Got any tips? Please add to the comments below. We’d love to hear!

For more info click on Earth Day Network or join one of these local events.  Learn more about green living at the Live Green Expo on April 16th, Oak Cliff Earth Day on April 17th, Earth Day Dallas on April 22-23rd in the downtown Dallas Arts District.

Watch the documentary Food Inc. and see how you can take part and stay informed. Check out Mother Earth News, a guide to living wisely.

Till our next Happy Meal!


Herb Flavored Oils-Cold Infusion Method on FoodistaHerb Flavored Oils-Cold Infusion Method

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