Restaurant Reviews


Home baked goodness – Little Aprons Bakery

The morning begins with a waft of cinnamon and butter curling through the air as I walk down the stairs.  The table set with our usual breakfast fruit, two fiddly, giggling boys and the source of the home baked aroma – a plate of warm cinnamon buns. Home made cinnamon buns are wonderful for leisurely weekend mornings and for those who don’t bake, it’s comforting to know that we can call on Little Aprons Bakery.

Dive Coastal Cuisine

“Do you like Dive Coastal Cuisine?” It’s a question that many moms asked me when I say that I’m a passionate blogger on food and restaurants for kids. With such a flurry of talk on the street (or rather… playgroups), our two Super Hero Itty Bitty Foodies donned on their best capes (a.k.a tea towels courtesy of Nanna when she was in England) to see if there was anything fishy about the scene.