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Four fast casual restaurants to try with kids

With little hangry kids, families want their food fast but not necessarily fast food if you know what I mean. Families looking to eat healthier also want food made with fresh, wholesome ingredients. However, fast and wholesome can sometimes be a tricky combo. This is where the 'fast casual' concepts do well with us especially when time is short. So what's the difference between fast food concepts versus fast casual places? Both types of eateries lets you order at a counter and does not have table service. However, fast casual concepts have higher quality of food and are made to order. Some that we've featured previously are Dive Coastal Cuisine, Carbone's and Modern Market. Our aim at meal time is to 'eat the rainbow' so here's four fast casual restaurants that IttyBittyFoodies love.

Healthy Plant-based meals to go from Nature’s Plate

How did the back-to-school week go for you? We've had a trying time getting back to our 'school night hours'. Thankfully homework hasn't started yet for my older boys. That's next week's battle. For now,  we are trying to conquer breakfasts in a timely manner and getting back into the lunch schedule. Recently, we discovered Nature's Plate, a locally-owned store with plant-based meals to go which has been helpful. We're not vegetarians but we like having some inventive ways to add plant-based dishes to our meals.

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant, Galleria Dallas

I feel like a mall rat at The Galleria Dallas, lately. We're actually not there to shop but eat at Kabuki Japanese Restaurant.  Kabuki Japanese, the latest restaurant to open up at the Galleria Dallas has become a fast family favorite because of the vast menu. There's sushi, noodles, rolls, rice bowls to bento boxes so it suits all three of my IttyBittyFoodies and their food quirks. Kabuki Japanese even offers gluten-free options for my paleo friends, lots of veggie dishes for vegetarians and a huge bar for my drinking buddies. The clean, modern designs makes not-so-cool mommies like me feel like we're hip. It can double as a date night place or a nice outing with girlfriends. The restaurant is also spacious so it accommodates meals with multiple families while booths keeps things intimate for a party of two. Yep... Kabuki Japanese is that one-size-fits-all restaurant.

Family Days at The Samurai Collection

Our weekend soared to new heights as IttyBittyFoodies hosted Kodomo no Hi, Japanese Children's Day at the Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum: The Samurai Collection. The collection located at Harwood District features Family Days on the first Saturday of each month. In samurai times, Children's Day commemorated a samurai's coming of age. Today, Kodomo no Hi is Japanese national holiday. The day honors growth and happiness of all children and is often spent flying Koinobori, or carp-shaped kites. According to a Chinese legend which tells of a carp who swims upstream and transforms into a dragon, the carp is a symbol of strength and success. We spent the day making our own carp kites and flying kites at the Rockefeller Gardens located on the 12th floor of Harwood International. What a spectacle it was to fly kites against a backdrop of skyscrapers. Click to view our fun Kodomo no Hi video highlights!

Knife Sharpening

This is almost a public service announcement. I've finally found a place that has proper knife sharpening in DFW. I bought a set of Zwilling J. A. Henckels knives after we got married and have really tried to keep them in good condition. They're expensive but we picked them because they always fare well in reviews. They're top quality knives forged from single pieces of steel. Every year, I take the Henckels to a kitchenware store to get them done but I've never been 100% happy with the results. Thinking back, part of the reason is that they knife sharpening is done on a generic machine. Sometimes we've come home and the blade doesn't seem even. I've even tried to do it myself at home but it's never sharp enough which is why I'm ecstatic to find a local place right here in DFW.

Playful eating at Outlaw Taproom

WANTED: A nice family night out with great food and fun. That's exactly what we got when we dined Outlaw Taproom, the casual bar restaurant that opened in March at the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas. Outlaw Taproom is the naughty sibling to the elegant, signature LAW Restaurant at the Four Seasons Dallas. It reminds me a little of my less well behaved second child, Lollo who is now 9 years old. While LAW restaurant is classy and more subdued, Outlaw Taproom shows off its wilder ways.

Plano Getaway

Is it my imagination or has the City of Plano mushroomed with activity in the last few years? We find ourselves driving the thirty minutes out regularly to visit festivals, grab a bite to eat or hang out at my favorite spa. Recently, we partnered with Visit Plano for a staycation to get a glimpse of what else Plano has to offer. We found a New York Loft hotel, wine-country inspired cuisine, artisan stores and Prairie-land trails for hiking. What a treat Plano is for a short getaway!
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