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What families should know about the Kusama exhibit

We have fallen for the new 'gourd-geous' Kusama exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art. "All the eternal love I have for the pumpkins" is a truly unique and magical experience. However, there's so many rules to follow in order to view it. I thought I would put a list together of all the things families should know before visiting. It would help manage expectations so that you get the most out of this fascinating avant-garde art exhibit. It's truly a spectacle to be enjoyed.

Getting ready for Le Dîner en Blanc

I'm looking for a white outfit for the upcoming Le Dîner en Blanc event on October 7th, 2017. What is Dîner en Blanc? Most people have never heard of exclusive soiree because it's the city's kept secret. It's a little like Fight Club, you'll have to find a way to get an invitation to attend but without the violence of course.And you know what the first rule of Fight Club is?  The first rule of Fight Club is that you never talk about Fight Club. It's the same with Dîner en Blanc.

10 reasons to staycay at Four Seasons Dallas

Staycations are perfect in the second half of summer. It is that time of summer when you feel time has whizzed by too fast. Wasn't it only just May? And with another impending school year just weeks away, we recommend a late summer getaway at Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas* in Las Colinas. "Are we going on a long road trip?" my littles ask. The kids are pleasantly surprised that our 'road trip' ended in just thirty minutes. That's the beauty of vacationing at the Four Seasons Dallas; it feels far enough to be away somewhere without the pangs of travel time. But the Four Seasons is in more than the hotel business, they're in the business of making memories for the whole family. Our latest YouTube Video of our weekend staycation says it all. If you need more reasons to visit, here are our top ten reasons why IttyBittyFoodies love vacations at the Four Seasons Dallas.

Party Idea: Team Building with Taste

Have you always wanted to be on Master Chef or Chopped? Last week, I got a taste of cooking show stardom at Team Building with Taste with my DFW Bloggers group. Located in North Dallas at Frankford and Preston, this team building facility was full of fun, excitement and food! The mission is to put together a dish, cook it, plate it, then present it before a panel of judges with a team of people in an hour. Are you ready for the challenge?

Family Days at The Samurai Collection

Our weekend soared to new heights as IttyBittyFoodies hosted Kodomo no Hi, Japanese Children's Day at the Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum: The Samurai Collection. The collection located at Harwood District features Family Days on the first Saturday of each month. In samurai times, Children's Day commemorated a samurai's coming of age. Today, Kodomo no Hi is Japanese national holiday. The day honors growth and happiness of all children and is often spent flying Koinobori, or carp-shaped kites. According to a Chinese legend which tells of a carp who swims upstream and transforms into a dragon, the carp is a symbol of strength and success. We spent the day making our own carp kites and flying kites at the Rockefeller Gardens located on the 12th floor of Harwood International. What a spectacle it was to fly kites against a backdrop of skyscrapers. Click to view our fun Kodomo no Hi video highlights!