Dark thoughts affect even happy people

I've been planning my funeral lately. Whoa. Wait... what's going on? I hear you thinking. To put your mind at ease, my dark thoughts aren't suicidal. With the news of the unexpected passing of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade lately, mental health has been on my mind. Writing the words out loud makes me feel shocked too. If you've been following my health journey from the time I was diagnosed with my Thymoma cancer tumor to the recent news of an impending growth, you'll see that my life has been unpredictably rough these couple of years. So why these dark thoughts?

Thank you, cancer and no thanks.

When cancer comes into your lives, it takes the color out of life as you know it. Thank you, cancer, I'll never take life for granted again.I'm saddened to report that the little buggers have grown. We are now getting ready to tackle Season 2 with cancer in our family. Surprisingly, through this difficult journey, a lot of good has come into our lives and for that, we say Thank You, Cancer. But no thanks. You're not welcome.

25 minutes life hack to achieve those goals

What can you do in 25 minutes and what does that have to do with New Year’s resolutions? Hello January! This year, I am dedicating a word for 2018. The word for me is F-O-C-U-S. With so much going on in our lives, I am finding it difficult to do anything well. Throw in the distractions of social media, kids activities, running a home and my blogging work, I feel spread thin as a mother,...
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It’s the season to give thanks and this Thanksgiving, I wanted to share the birth story of our youngest son, Googie. Why him and not the older two? Googie was born in early November. It’s not a birth that most parents envisioned. It was so traumatic, I nearly died and he wasn’t alive when they took him out via emergency caesarian. One of the most haunting and distressing experiences for parents after a birth is...
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My New Year’s Resolution is all about rekindling my relationship with my first husband

"You know, I'm her third husband," I heard my husband joke with my mother last summer when she was visiting. "Third husband?" my mother queried, raising an eyebrow. At first I thought he meant because we got married three times: first was the Vegas wedding when we moved to the US, then went home to Australia for a 'proper' wedding with the formal dress and then to Malaysia for my extended family. "First comes the children, then her writing and then me," he continued. Everyone laughed but I took the statement to heart and started delving deeper into why my sweet, sweet FIRST husband felt this way. Do you ever wonder, what happened to "US" after the kids come?

Why I’m giving my kids their old Christmas toys for Christmas…

This year, my kids are getting a TON of presents under the Christmas tree. I'm so excited, just look at the great big pile! There's 8 Nerf Guns (because one for each child just isn't enough), two Sphero SPRK + STEAM education robots (yep... one for each of the older boys), Lego Mindstorms (because my oldest has been pining and asking for this since he was 4 years old), a rock tumbler and crystal growing set (for my budding geologist/gemologist), Circuit Scribe Kit (for my budding engineer), Pokemon cards (about 600 of them total but who is counting) and Basketball cards (just shy of 300 cards I believe). I can't wait to see their surprised little faces when they open them all up and find that these are their old Christmas toys from previous years.
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