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IttyBittyFoodies Holiday Gifts 2017

This year our IttyBittyFoodies holiday gifts list is going small and meaningful. Our kids have so much stuff which is why last year Santa regifted their own toys for Christmas in Why I'm Giving My Kids Their Old Toys For Christmas. It didn't go so well with my kids but my parent readers loved it! This year their Christmas wish list is more judicious, with just one or two items. Pinned on the Advent Calendar is a small note saying "Santa, Please be nice". I had to laugh at my 12 year old's note which stated he would like a 1000+ Lego set that he doesn't already own. Our IttyBittyFoodies Holiday Gifts list are curated with a lot of care and thought, featuring small independent businesses, experience gifts that hopefully won't overshadow the true meaning of Christmas.

Plano Getaway

Is it my imagination or has the City of Plano mushroomed with activity in the last few years? We find ourselves driving the thirty minutes out regularly to visit festivals, grab a bite to eat or hang out at my favorite spa. Recently, we partnered with Visit Plano for a staycation to get a glimpse of what else Plano has to offer. We found a New York Loft hotel, wine-country inspired cuisine, artisan stores and Prairie-land trails for hiking. What a treat Plano is for a short getaway!