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How to slow cook duck legs

Cooking duck legs is deceptively easy and yet it's so intimidating for many because it's considered "fancy food". We love eating gourmet food but as a family of five always on the go, we need a quick recipe (at least with very little prep time). Using the slow cooker is the best way to cook duck legs especially if you're a beginner chef. This easy weeknight dinner recipe allows me to put all the ingredients in the Crockpot and then forget about it till we come home for dinner. Here's a basic recipe on how to slow cook duck legs but I've added an Asian flair to it by using soy sauce and a few Asian spices. Just know that you need about 1/2 cup of liquid in the slow cooker so if you're not up for soy sauce, substitute it with a simple broth and add your own vegetables in the last 30 minutes. It goes to show that you don't need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen to eat well. Once you've figured out your slow cooking, you'll be Crockin' it!

Easy Baked Frittata Recipe

Weekends should be leisurely and relaxed. Our Itty Bitty Foodies are crazy about eggs and we love this easy baked frittata recipe. "Frittata" meaning "fried" in Italian is usually done in a skillet and then finished off in the oven. We had such a positive response with our Oven "Fried" Chicken Wings, we decided give this recipe a healthy tweak and do more baking than frying. Frittatas are a great way to add more vegetables in our diet as well as help clear out the fridge of odds and ends. Have a few leftover rashes of bacon or a few handfuls of spinach? Toss it in. Found a lone zucchini you didn't know what to do with? No problem. The recipe is flexible, so get your kids to add in what they like and get them cooking with you in the kitchen. This 'everything but the kitchen sink' recipe is excellent for beginner cooks. Here's what we added in our frittata recipe.

Easy oven fried chicken wings

Football season is here and it's Cowboys fever at our household. Whether it's Friday nights lights or Sunday night football, it all equates to one thing for me: fried chicken wings. Our boys can eat their weight in chicken wings so I make it healthier with this oven fried chicken wings recipe. Chicken wings already have high fat content and my version uses very little oil as opposed to the traditional fried version. The skin comes out crisp and it's just as delicious hot or cold. This recipe is great for tailgating, a quick weeknight recipe or weekend picnics. As with all Itty Bitty Foodies recipes we try to keep prep time low and it's so easy the children can make it themselves.

Healthy Caprese Lollipops

Summer months are tomato season. Whether you're buying from your local farmers market or at the store, this is the time to enjoy this summer fruit. Botanically, tomatoes are fruits because it contains seeds of the plants. Vegetables are edible parts of the plant but in cooking, most of us see tomatoes are vegetables as they are used in savory dishes. This weekend, our kids made Caprese Lollipops armed with a basket of mini heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil leaves from our garden and a mozzarella ball. The recipe is easy like summer should be and our kids will feel great because they made the family meal.

Thrive Market $1000 shopping spree

It has never made sense to me that food that is unprocessed, unaltered and natural costs so much. It makes eating healthier so challenging especially for families. This is one of the reasons why we're excited to partner with Thrive Market, a new online marketplace with a mission to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone. Thrive Market works like Costco with an annual membership and offers wholesale prices (25-50% less than retail) except it only sells healthy, natural and organic products. Read on for your chance to win a Thrive Market $1000 Shopping spree and get a free trial month and 25% off your first order.

Grilled Bananas with Chocolate

Grilled bananas you ask? We've all eaten cooked bananas in desserts like Bananas Foster or banana cake but until recently I never thought of grilling bananas. This recipe is from my grill-extraordinaire husband who made this when he was growing up. It's great for camping trips or summer cookouts. With just two ingredients, grilled bananas with chocolate is simple and quick. We let our Itty Bitty Foodies choose their favorite chocolate bar and then they make their own. With all the cooking out we're doing during summer, this grilled bananas with chocolate is a no-brainer recipe. Just throw them on the 'barbie'. Here's what you need:

English peas pasta with lemon and mint

As the weather heats up, our suppers are becoming lighter. This English peas pasta recipe is brightened with hints of mint and lemon. For summer we want refreshing so we buy fresh on the herbs, pasta and peas. However, we often call on this ’emergency’ recipe and substitute with frozen peas and dried pasta as we have these ingredients in our pantry, most times. If we don’t have fresh mint, we just omit it from the recipe as the dried version pales in comparison. Fresh English peas give an extra bouncy pop than frozen. English peas come in big pods that are easy for the Itty Bitty Foodies to shell. Even 2 year old Googie gets into the prep work. Aside from a quick an great tasting meal, it’s also fun for the whole family to make this English peas pasta with lemon and mint.