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The Strawberry Shortcake I never knew

Summer is here and it's time to celebrate America's favorite summertime dessert -- the strawberry shortcake. June 14th is National Strawberry Shortcake Day. But for a girl who grew up in Australia without this iconic American dessert, I don't have a point of reference for strawberry shortcake, except maybe images of a doll my sister used to play with. Our IttyBittyFoodies boys are Americans so we're adding strawberry shortcake to our list of American traditions (see Macy's Culinary Council's Strawberry Shortcake with Slow Roasted Strawberries and Chantilly Cream below). To kick off our summer plans, we'll be zipping off to Union Square in San Francisco this June 14th for Macy's American Icons event to celebrate National Strawberry Shortcake Day!

Taste Addison is back this weekend!

Taste Addison is back after a hiatus. Eat drink and make merry as Taste Addison dishes out delicious food from local Addison eateries. The three day festival lets you stroll and sample cuisines from all over the globe from restaurants like Sanabel Mediterranean, Kampai Sushi and Grill, Taste of Cuba, Thai Orchid, Texas de Brazil, Los Lupes to May Dragon. Held May 13-15, 2016, Taste Addison is located at the pretty outdoor space, Addison Circle Park.

Meatball recipe by Kenny’s Italian Kitchen

Today is National Meatball Day and to celebrate, Chef Kenny Bowers of Kenny's Italian Kitchen is sharing his Kenny's Midnight Meatballs recipe with Itty Bitty Foodies. The recipe aptly named after he spent many a night making meatballs till midnight after work as a way to relax. And to show his meatball love to customers, every Sunday as well as National Meatball Day, Kenny's Italian Kitchen offers $1 for an order of Kenny's 1/4 lb meatballs. A deal like that makes Sunday family suppers at the Italian-American eatery doubly delicious. Read on for the secrets to his meatball recipe.

How to cook barramundi

Today we are celebrating #Barramunday! You know the feeling you get when you see something from your childhood and how excited that makes you feel? That's how we felt when we spotted barramundi, a fish we used to eat as we were growing up in Australia. We bought some barramundi to share a bit of our Australian heritage with our Texan-born boys. Barramundi is known as Australia's seabass. It is a white, flaky fish that bears well with different cooking methods. You can steam it with a little lemon and butter or pan fry and roast it if you like crispy skin or simply grill. It eats low in the food chain and is high in Omega 3 content. Back in the day, I remembered how expensive the wild-caught fish was. My family would pay $50-70 for a whole fish at restaurants. But now, Australis is farming it, making it more affordable and sustainable. I recently paid $9.99 a lb from Whole Foods.

Dining at The Ravens: vegan recipes

Whoah! Have the Itty Bitty Foodies turned vegan you ask? No not at all but we jump at the chance of finding new ways to become healthier. When we were invited, along with a few select food bloggers to host the Dining at the Ravens blog tour, we enthusiastically raised our hands! The new vegan recipe book, "Dining at the Ravens" by Jeff and Joan Stanford was an exciting discovery. As we flipped through the first few pages, we discovered that the Stanfords owned a unique vegan eco-inn in Mendocino, California called the Stanford by the Sea. It is the perfect family hideaway for those who want to unplug from the world and just smell (and eat) the flowers. "We think of ourselves as a garden with an inn, rather than an inn with a garden," quotes the Stanfords in their book. The organic farm sanctuary is what we call a magical kingdom on ten acres lush with organic produce, herbs and edible flowers for the inn's gourmet vegan restaurant, named The Ravens.

Plant-Powered Families

A couple of weeks ago I had braces put in and I've inadvertently become a vegetarian. My teeth hurt so much, it has put a clamp on meat eating for a while. After days of being on a smoothie/soup diet, things got serious as I needed more calorie dense (but healthy) diet that was soft enough for me to chew. That where "Plant-Powered Families"* by Dreena Burton came in. "Plant-Powered Families" has over 100 kid-friendly, whole-foods vegan recipes and I found it useful to rally the troops to get them on board with eating more fruits and vegetables. Whether you're thinking of dabbling in veganism or just want to add more plant-based dishes to your daily diet, "Plant-Powered Families" is a healthy resource.

Lobster Linguine & Champagne Cocktail: Easy Recipes for the New Year

The Itty Bitty Foodies won't be staying up past midnight this New Year's Eve but that doesn't mean there won't be a celebratory meal to ring in the New Year. There's nothing like lobster to jazz up a simple pasta dish to make it into festive family meal. This lobster linguine is another one of fast and fancy recipes that can be made by beginner chefs. If you can, use fresh pasta and herbs and be generous with the butter. After all... diet only starts on the first of the New Year. For those who love their bubbles, I've also slipped in a quick Bees Knees Royale Champagne cocktail recipe at the end of this recipe. Cheers to a New Year!