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Motherhood isn’t what I expected

I was never one of those little girls who dreamed of being a mother. While some girls idolized Lady Madonna, mine looked more like Coco Chanel. Even after I got married, my husband and I weren't sure about going on the parent trip or parent trap as we viewed it back then. It wasn't until one day we searched our hearts and asked ourselves "Would we regret not having children 30 years on?" There was never the 'right time' to start a family, so we just jumped into the deep end except nothing happened for years. Motherhood isn't what I expected.

Thank you, cancer and no thanks.

When cancer comes into your lives, it takes the color out of life as you know it. Thank you, cancer, I'll never take life for granted again.I'm saddened to report that the little buggers have grown. We are now getting ready to tackle Season 2 with cancer in our family. Surprisingly, through this difficult journey, a lot of good has come into our lives and for that, we say Thank You, Cancer. But no thanks. You're not welcome.

Texas Tulips : a little piece of the Netherlands in Texas

You can always tell spring is here when Texas tulips start to bloom around town. While the Northeast is getting pummeled by their 3rd or is it 4th nor’easter storm, here in Texas we’re enjoying sunny days. This is the time of the year that everyone in Dallas loves! The weather couldn’t be better for the outdoors. While browsing for something to do over the weekend, I stumbled across the Instagram page for Texas Tulips....
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25 minutes life hack to achieve those goals

What can you do in 25 minutes and what does that have to do with New Year’s resolutions? Hello January! This year, I am dedicating a word for 2018. The word for me is F-O-C-U-S. With so much going on in our lives, I am finding it difficult to do anything well. Throw in the distractions of social media, kids activities, running a home and my blogging work, I feel spread thin as a mother,...
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IttyBittyFoodies Holiday Gifts 2017

This year our IttyBittyFoodies holiday gifts list is going small and meaningful. Our kids have so much stuff which is why last year Santa regifted their own toys for Christmas in Why I'm Giving My Kids Their Old Toys For Christmas. It didn't go so well with my kids but my parent readers loved it! This year their Christmas wish list is more judicious, with just one or two items. Pinned on the Advent Calendar is a small note saying "Santa, Please be nice". I had to laugh at my 12 year old's note which stated he would like a 1000+ Lego set that he doesn't already own. Our IttyBittyFoodies Holiday Gifts list are curated with a lot of care and thought, featuring small independent businesses, experience gifts that hopefully won't overshadow the true meaning of Christmas.


It’s the season to give thanks and this Thanksgiving, I wanted to share the birth story of our youngest son, Googie. Why him and not the older two? Googie was born in early November. It’s not a birth that most parents envisioned. It was so traumatic, I nearly died and he wasn’t alive when they took him out via emergency caesarian. One of the most haunting and distressing experiences for parents after a birth is...
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