Birthday Month Celebrations

Remember when you were a kid and how much birthdays meant to you? Pikelet who is currently four years old asks for four kisses every night and one more to make him five. Lollo sings Happy Birthday to himself at every opportunity like the other day when he stuck a stick in a mud and pretended it was a candle. So Beefcake and I have decided to give each of the boys a birthday month where we do special things like bring a sushi lunch for Pikelet on his first day at school or make Lollo’s favorite breakfast. We even sing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy at family meals for that whole month! They don’t have to be store bought gifts but it’s something that lets them our kids know that their birthday means as much to us as it does to them. It’s just another one of our family traditions we like to share like our Sandwich Hugs.

What about you? What do you do for your child’s birthday?

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