Babble.com Top 100 Mom Food Blogs 2011 – VOTE for IttyBittyFoodies

I’m gushing a little. Maybe not as much as Sally Field in her famous Oscar “You like me” acceptance speech in the 1984 for her role as Norma Rae. I haven’t won anything but I am excited to announce that IttyBittyFoodies is in Babble’s nomination list for Top 100 Mom Food Blogs for 2011.

So please ‘LIKE’ me and vote by clicking on the link here. Just click on view ALPHABETICALLY and search for CHERYL COLLETT of IttyBittyFoodies.

Thank you for supporting IttyBittyFoodies and please share the site using the buttons below with likeminded & very cool (like you) parents.

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  1. That spread looks pretty amazing. I think the best picnics I had were childhood ones. Sometimes we’d pick up Italian grinders and drive to the Quabbin Reservoir for the afternoon. We’d eat the grinders and fly kites. My childhood memory of that grinder is always better that the flavor of anything I can find now. I don’t know if it’s because it did taster better or if it’s just that’s how childhood memories are. I also have extremely fond memories of my mom’s cold fried chicken on row boat trips out to the little uninhabited island on the pond I grew up on. Why does cold fried chicken taste so good, anyway? You’d think it was something that needed to be served piping hot…

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