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Dark thoughts affect even happy people

I've been planning my funeral lately. Whoa. Wait... what's going on? I hear you thinking. To put your mind at ease, my dark thoughts aren't suicidal. With the news of the unexpected passing of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade lately, mental health has been on my mind. Writing the words out loud makes me feel shocked too. If you've been following my health journey from the time I was diagnosed with my Thymoma cancer tumor to the recent news of an impending growth, you'll see that my life has been unpredictably rough these couple of years. So why these dark thoughts?

How to spend a day at Village on the Parkway

We have attended so many huge Addison events like Kaboom Town and Taste Addison, it surprised us to learn that Addison is only for 4 1/2 miles. In the heart of this tiny town with big amenities is the premium shopping and dining destination Village on the Parkway. There are over 50 restaurants and shops plus an AMC Cinema, it’s hard to know where to start exploring. With the help from Addison expert, Trish from Addison Dish, we came up with a fun itinerary to help you spend the day at Village on the Parkway.

Vacation like a royal at The Adolphus Hotel, Dallas

Who is still feeling that Markle Sparkle after the royal nuptials? Here's a little trivia, Dallas has its own royal connection with the Windsors too. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip chose the historic The Adolphus Hotel, Dallas for their official state visit in 1991. Here's a few ways to vacation like a royal at The Adolphus Hotel, Dallas and a royal treatment staycation giveaway to boot!

Motherhood isn’t what I expected

I was never one of those little girls who dreamed of being a mother. While some girls idolized Lady Madonna, mine looked more like Coco Chanel. Even after I got married, my husband and I weren't sure about going on the parent trip or parent trap as we viewed it back then. It wasn't until one day we searched our hearts and asked ourselves "Would we regret not having children 30 years on?" There was never the 'right time' to start a family, so we just jumped into the deep end except nothing happened for years. Motherhood isn't what I expected.

Thank you, cancer and no thanks.

When cancer comes into your lives, it takes the color out of life as you know it. Thank you, cancer, I'll never take life for granted again.I'm saddened to report that the little buggers have grown. We are now getting ready to tackle Season 2 with cancer in our family. Surprisingly, through this difficult journey, a lot of good has come into our lives and for that, we say Thank You, Cancer. But no thanks. You're not welcome.

Texas Tulips : a little piece of the Netherlands in Texas

You can always tell spring is here when Texas tulips start to bloom around town. While the Northeast is getting pummeled by their 3rd or is it 4th nor’easter storm, here in Texas we’re enjoying sunny days. This is the time of the year that everyone in Dallas loves! The weather couldn’t be better for the outdoors. While browsing for something to do over the weekend, I stumbled across the Instagram page for Texas Tulips....
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