May 4, 2017


Lotus Root Chips Recipe

I just attended a macrobiotic cooking class today taught by Mami Ogata. The Japanese native who is a florist in Dallas -- you may have seen her creations at Yutaka Bistro in Uptown -- also teaches flower meditation and macrobiotic cooking lessons. I first learned of her macrobiotic cooking when she brought over an bento box for me after I had my tumor removed. Like so many of my tribe, she lovingly prepared a healthy, vegan meal that fed me and my spirits. Her interest for macrobiotic cooking was piqued when her husband got leukemia and she wanted to cook more healthfully for the family. The Japanese macrobiotic diet consists mainly of whole cereal grains (like brown rice), vegetables, miso soup, sea vegetables, beans and legumes. It is a clean diet and recommends fish and seafood, other animal proteins sweeteners, fruits, seasonings and sweets occasionally. Our menu today consisted of lotus root chips with guacamole, home-made beet dashi soup (made with dried shiitakes and kelp), vegetarian sushi made with brown rice, beans, carrots and cucumbers, sauteed burdock root with carrots and a chocolate avocado mousse. It encompassed all the elements of a macrobiotic meal. But the lotus root chips were so delicious! Mami made them with a Texas twist and paired the chips with guacamole. I just had to post a quick recipe as it will change your guacamole for Cinco de Mayo or any gathering. Click for the recipe.