December 17, 2016


Why I’m giving my kids their old Christmas toys for Christmas…

This year, my kids are getting a TON of presents under the Christmas tree. I'm so excited, just look at the great big pile! There's 8 Nerf Guns (because one for each child just isn't enough), two Sphero SPRK + STEAM education robots (yep... one for each of the older boys), Lego Mindstorms (because my oldest has been pining and asking for this since he was 4 years old), a rock tumbler and crystal growing set (for my budding geologist/gemologist), Circuit Scribe Kit (for my budding engineer), Pokemon cards (about 600 of them total but who is counting) and Basketball cards (just shy of 300 cards I believe). I can't wait to see their surprised little faces when they open them all up and find that these are their old Christmas toys from previous years.