October 14, 2016


7th Annual Texas Veggie Fair returns October 22

The annual Texas Veggie Fair is one of our favorite fall festivals. The annual event returns to Reverchon Park on Saturday October 22. I love it because it doesn't drain my wallet, fill my children up with sugar and give them a bad case of the "Gimme Gimme" as they ogle all the rides and useless soft toys. Texas Veggie Fair is different. It feels more lovey and less grabby. We go and play good old fashion carnival games, eat a few meatless items and then sing kumbaya while giving everyone free hugs. Ok not exactly but vegan singer Erykah Badu did let the kids come on stage with her one year while she was performing. We leave having learned a few things about healthy green living, animal welfare and inspired to cook more with vegetables. This is Texas' largest celebration of all things veggie!