March 7, 2016


How to cook barramundi

Today we are celebrating #Barramunday! You know the feeling you get when you see something from your childhood and how excited that makes you feel? That's how we felt when we spotted barramundi, a fish we used to eat as we were growing up in Australia. We bought some barramundi to share a bit of our Australian heritage with our Texan-born boys. Barramundi is known as Australia's seabass. It is a white, flaky fish that bears well with different cooking methods. You can steam it with a little lemon and butter or pan fry and roast it if you like crispy skin or simply grill. It eats low in the food chain and is high in Omega 3 content. Back in the day, I remembered how expensive the wild-caught fish was. My family would pay $50-70 for a whole fish at restaurants. But now, Australis is farming it, making it more affordable and sustainable. I recently paid $9.99 a lb from Whole Foods.