February 3, 2016


The Lot in Lakewood is kid-friendly but the food… meh

I've always wanted to love The Lot in Lakewood. I really do. It's taken me so long to write about it because we've never enjoyed the food. But recently a few things have changed our minds and I call it the "All-Inclusive-Resort-mentality". Years ago, when we didn't have children, my husband and I vowed never go to one of those all-inclusive resorts. Why would anyone want to be trapped in one resort? Now with three active boys, our perspectives on what's important has changed. Dramatically. When our second son was old enough to go into a kids club, we went to an all-inclusive in Cancun and our eyes were opened to the merits of the previously dreaded tourist trap. We 'get it' now. The Lot in Lakewood rocks.