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Having eaten sushi since he was 18 months old, my 6 year old, Pikelet has become quite the connoisseur of raw fish. He especially loves octopus and clams and he knows just where to get some of the best in Dallas. His favorite is Sushi Sake.

If you don’t happen to live in Richardson or Plano, heading up to the no-reservations Sushi Sake takes a little planning especially on weekends. Try on a Friday night a little after 6.30pm and the waits for a table are grueling. But one look at the Japanese sushi chefs behind the sushi bar and one instinctively expects mastery.

The sushi sampler is a wonderful juxtaposition  of texture and flavor with a playful take on color. It needs nothing more than a pair of chopsticks and a healthy appetite.

Artful creations like the salmon sashimi curled into a flower double the pleasure to devour.

However, it was the Spanish mackeral sashimi that was the pièce de résistance. The fish was exceptionally fresh and positioned as if it was still thrashing about in the water. Pieces of translucent fish, delicately sliced and balanced with ginger and scallions. Pikelet would have preferred it naked as the ginger and scallion masked some of the mackerel’s distinctive flavors.

After the raw fish is finished, the server takes the mackerel to the kitchen where it is fried so we can eat the rest of it, bones, tail and all. Surprisingly, it was Lollo who usually is not a fan of seafood, who fancied the challenge and at the tail. We picked through the bones but didn’t let the boys crunch on them.

For those, like Lollo who does not care too much for seafood, there’s plenty of other choices. The beef tataki, seared beef served rare was just as fresh as any piece of sushi in the house. Chicken kara age or deep fried chicken pieces is a no brainer.

We all loved the hearty flavors of the niku tofu which is sukiyaki tofu with sliced beef in a broth.

A word also goes out to the staff who are warm and friendly. One time, our server overheard that it was Beefcake’s birthday and at the end of the meal surprised him with a deep fried tempura ice cream dessert. So despite the long wait and travel time to Sushi Sake, we all agree, it is well worth it!

Click here for more info on Sushi Sake. If you still have  have a hankering for sushi but live closer downtown, check out Pikelet’s other fave Japanese restaurant, Tei An. He celebrated his birthday there.

Till our next Happy Meal!


  • Food: Some of the freshest sushi cut by real Japanese sushi masters
  • Ambiance: Casual, Japanese house
  • Service: Friendly but they DO NOT TAKE RESERVATIONS
  • Kid Friendliness: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • Itty Bitty Foodies Tip: There’s lots of non-sushi items for kids who are not yet ready for the plunge
  • Parent Foodies Tip: A top selection of fine sakes. Do the sake tasting!

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