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10 reasons to staycay at Four Seasons Dallas

Staycations are perfect in the second half of summer. It is that time of summer when you feel time has whizzed by too fast. Wasn't it only just May? And with another impending school year just weeks away, we recommend a late summer getaway at Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas* in Las Colinas. "Are we going on a long road trip?" my littles ask. The kids are pleasantly surprised that our 'road trip' ended in just thirty minutes. That's the beauty of vacationing at the Four Seasons Dallas; it feels far enough to be away somewhere without the pangs of travel time. But the Four Seasons is in more than the hotel business, they're in the business of making memories for the whole family. Our latest YouTube Video of our weekend staycation says it all. If you need more reasons to visit, here are our top ten reasons why IttyBittyFoodies love vacations at the Four Seasons Dallas.

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant, Galleria Dallas

I feel like a mall rat at The Galleria Dallas, lately. We're actually not there to shop but eat at Kabuki Japanese Restaurant.  Kabuki Japanese, the latest restaurant to open up at the Galleria Dallas has become a fast family favorite because of the vast menu. There's sushi, noodles, rolls, rice bowls to bento boxes so it suits all three of my IttyBittyFoodies and their food quirks. Kabuki Japanese even offers gluten-free options for my paleo friends, lots of veggie dishes for vegetarians and a huge bar for my drinking buddies. The clean, modern designs makes not-so-cool mommies like me feel like we're hip. It can double as a date night place or a nice outing with girlfriends. The restaurant is also spacious so it accommodates meals with multiple families while booths keeps things intimate for a party of two. Yep... Kabuki Japanese is that one-size-fits-all restaurant.

Party Idea: Team Building with Taste

Have you always wanted to be on Master Chef or Chopped? Last week, I got a taste of cooking show stardom at Team Building with Taste with my DFW Bloggers group. Located in North Dallas at Frankford and Preston, this team building facility was full of fun, excitement and food! The mission is to put together a dish, cook it, plate it, then present it before a panel of judges with a team of people in an hour. Are you ready for the challenge?

Mother’s Day Musings

"Mama did you know that when you hug someone, you add five minutes to their life?" asked my 9 year old, Lollo. "I'm going to hold you forever," he adds. I want to cry. Be still my heart. Tomorrow will the be first Mother's Day since I had my tumor removed last June. What a special day it will be! A year ago, when I was diagnosed with a rare tumor, I had no idea if I would live or die. So when people ask what I want for Mother's Day, I've already got it. It's there everyday I wake up and watch the sunrise. All I want is time. Time with the four lads in my house -- my husband who went on this crazy lifelong journey in sickness and in health and our three boys, who made me "Mama".

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