Googie Wonderland!


You may have noticed I haven’t blogged for a while and wondered where I’ve gone. The family has been in “Googie Wonderland” this past month. We’ve been cooking a special original recipe and after 9 months of waiting, our little Googie was born. Pikelet & Lollo welcomed their new baby brother in November and they are in love with him. “Googie”, as in a ‘googie egg’ was a nickname they gave him while he was still ‘cooking inside Mama’s tummy’ but now that he’s out, the name has stuck. So in honor of our sweet miracle baby, we’ve decided to add a new baby to toddler category.

Will you join us in Googie Wonderland!


Till our next Happy Meal, enjoy these cute baby feet!

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  1. Helen Werts

    Ohhhhhh so cute!! I want to bite his toes!! How are you going? I’m in Canberra for two weeks on a course. Miss Daniels last week of year 6 🙁

    Hope yr all going well

    Talk soon xo

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