Easter Eggs Your Kids Will Love

In the tradition of our Easter post from last year, I’m using real eggs again. I found a wonderful book full of the cutest egg recipes called Funny Food, 365 Fun, Healthy, Silly, Creative Breakfasts by Bill and Claire Wurtzel. I love how they’ve used fresh wholesome ingredients to make a good breakfast, snack or healthy dessert.

Bill Wurtzel, an award-winning creative director and renowed jazz guitarist in New York has been making these edible artworks for his wife, Claire of 50 years. Together, the Wurtzels have turned their fun hobby into an artform with a social message, taking Funny Food Workshops to kids and teachers in New York City public schools.

The book, Funny Food contains photographs which are self explanatory with a few recipes and tips. Picasso, Matisse, Shakespeare and Freud also make an appearance!

Best of all Pikelet & Lollo had a lot of fun making their meal. It was an imaginative way for them to own the dish which made them excited to eat it. Lollo is traditionally not a fan of mushroom but since it was part of his Easter egg, he took a few ‘No Thank You Bites’. Unfortunately, he still doesn’t like mushrooms but I’m happy he tried.

Preparation is vital!

The downside is that the prep is a little finicky but it’s vital before starting. We gave Pikelet & Lollo small bowls of precut ingredients so they can assemble their food independently. We think this is a great book to give to grandparents so they can try it with your kids on a lazy Sunday morning after a sleepover .

Daniela's balloon man creation

When asked what their own grandkids liked, this is what Claire Wurtzel said “I know that Simon loves the hard-boiled egg caterpillar because it was inspired by something he did first, he’s 15, and Daniela, 5 years old, loves the Happy Birthday with the balloons image in the book. She was saw that Bill had made it and was inspired and then she created her own balloon out of cherries. And then Ethan, I would say his favorite would be the Shakespeare with apples (he’s 18).”

So you don’t need to be a little kid to make your own Funny Face. Beefcake  even got into some oatmeal action with a ‘self portrait’. For more info on Funny Food and all that good stuff, click here. Funny Food is released today (March 27th 2012)

Till our next Happy Meal!

Recipe: Cutest Easter Eggs inspired by Funny Food

Makes 4

8 eggs

Pitted or stuffed olives, sliced

2-3 caps mushrooms

4 sprigs of flat leaf parsley

Butter/olive oil

Cut a small pat of butter and melt in a small skillet on medium heat. A seven inch skillet works well as it holds two eggs nicely in a circle. Once the butter melts, crack two eggs into the skillet and turn heat to low. Cover the skillet for 2-3 minutes till egg white is set. Repeat to make four serves.

Slice pitted olives eight times to make eye balls. Take a mushroom cap and slice and shape feet and nose to resemble the picture. Finish with a spring of parsley for a tail.

We encourage you to use what is in your fridge such as quinoa to make chicken ‘feed’, grape tomatoes to make a sun etc. Be creative and have fun!

Disclaimer: I am not paid for my blog reviews. From time to time, I am sent items (like this book) to review but I am under no obligation to write favorably about it or even write about it at all.  And if I do review it, I promise to write an honest one.

Photo of the front cover of the book and Daniela’s creation, courtesy of the Wurtzels.

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