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A Tale of Tacolandia

Once a upon a time, in a not too distant land, Taco Gods convened in a secret council pow wow. "The people of Dallas are loyal followers. They love our tacos" said Urban Taco, one of the council members. "Yes! Yes!" they all shouted in agreement. "We must reward them," Velvet Taco said. "For one day only, let us show our thanks by giving them unlimited tacos to gorge upon," declared Fuzzy's. Yes, folks! Dallas Observer's Tacolandia is going to make your wishes come true. But like all fairy tales, it ends after a few magical hours. Here is how you can join in the tacolicious event on Saturday October 17th, 2015 and score two complimentary tickets to the Tacolandia love fest.

Good Local Markets offers Free Farm-to-Market Workshop for Children

As if we didn't love Good Local Markets like crazy, starting this Sunday September 27th, Good Local Markets are partnering with Farm to Market Workshop to offer activities for children ages 3-8 at the markets. The workshops are free and parents must remain onsite during the time. Through a holistic, project-based program, workshops run by instructor, Jennifer Stuart will engage young mind through the exploration of food, farming, nature and life skills. This sounds like heaven for our Itty Bitty Foodies who love to cook, learn about nature and garden though watering a garden with a water gun is probably not what they had in mind. Here are the details of upcoming workshops.

How to do Addison Oktoberfest with kids + ticket giveaway

Have you ever wondered why the Addison Octoberfest starts in September? The town of Addison has timed their festival to coincide with the famed Munich Oktoberfest which begins in September and runs till beginning of October. While we may be 10 hours away from Bavaria, DFW denizens can still revel in much of the same traditions, music, folk dancing as well as German food. If you're looking for a taste of Germany, the Addison Octoberfest would be a fun way to introduce your kids. Here's how to do Addison Octoberfest with kids plus a chance to win 4 tickets!

Get back to school in style with Macy’s

Do I hear the 'S' word? Not 'summer' but 'school'. School is just round the corner and Macy's is rolling out a bunch of events to help your child be cool for school. The Itty Bitty Foodies will be attending this Macy's get back to school in style event at Macy's Park in Arlington this Sunday August 30th at 2pm. It's going to be an afternoon of crafts and activities including Disney Princess and Star Wars coloring books, the chance to make your own Princess crown and pose for a picture in our Disney Princess and Star Wars-themed photo booths.

Itty Bitty Foodies Travel Guide to Napa Valley

Every time I tell someone we went to Napa Valley for a vacation, people would ask me in surprise, "With the kids?" We've just spent five glorious sun-filled days in Napa Valley, California with a nine, seven and two year old and the trip was a smashing success! We enjoyed world-class wines, ate at fine restaurants, visited a geyser and picnicked our way through Napa Valley. Though we had to make some concessions for our napping toddler, there are lots to do in the Napa Valley with kids. Here's how we did it.

Good Local Markets’ Lemonade Contest

Have you made a trip out to Good Local Markets for fresh produce, meats and artisan breads? Good Local Markets operates three farmer’s markets in Dallas that includes only local growers and makers. If you have a special family lemonade recipe or your fancy yourself a mixologist of lemonade, save the date for Good Local Markets' Lemonade Contest. Good Local Lemonade Contest will be held at their Lakeside Market (9150 Garland Road) location on Saturday June 20th, beginning at 10:30am. What a fun thing to do with your kids.

Style Surfing: Clarisonic for beautiful skin

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful Mum and all the other Mothers out there! The last couple of years, my sweet husband, Beefcake has gifted me Clarisonic products and they've been some of most practical gifts I've gotten to maintaining beautiful skin. I'm very lucky that I come from a line of women with gorgeous skin but as you get older, some maintenance is in order. I can honestly say I've used my Clarisonic cleansing brush system and Pedi transformation every single week.