Bad Moms - photo courtesy of Studio Movie Grill

Bad Moms opens at Studio Movie Grill

The Mother of All Play Dates: GNO for Bad Moms. 


Bad Moms movie - Party Like a Mother photo courtesy of Studio Movie Grill

Bad Moms movie – Party Like a Mother photo courtesy of Studio Movie Grill

Just watched the trailer to Bad Moms and I nearly spat out my tea from laughter. Starring one of my fave gals, Mila Kunis who plays Amy Mitchell, a mother of two kids with a seemingly perfect life till she catches her husband having an online affair. Things go awry and stress levels are amped up after Amy throws him out of the house and becomes a single parent trying to juggle everything from kids to work and school activities. She’s over committed, over-stretched and then things blow up when mean mommies PTA leader, Gwendolyn (flawlessly played by Christina Applegate) and her side kicks, Stacie (Jada Pinkett Smith and Vicky (Annie Mumolo) come into the picture. Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn who plays Kunis’ friends just takes it all over the top. Check out the official Bad Moms trailer below for yourself.

I love seeing these actresses in these roles. My recent “Bad Mom” moment was when my 10 year old got measured for shoes and I realized that we’ve been cramming his feet in shoes two sizes too small for him. As moms, we try to give our kids the best lives we can. We are harried. We go into overdrive when it comes to school activities or helping out at the humble bake sale or carnival.  I know I’m not the only mommy out there who recognizes these characters in some form or another in our daily lives which makes taking the mickey out motherhood so funny. So grab mommy tribe friends and have a few laughs. The movie opens July 28th, 2016 and Studio Movie Grill has these two fun packages to choose from. Are you ready to party like a mother?

Step One: Gather your girlfriends and pick a playdate. Really, you deserve it.

Step Two: Pick your Bad Moms package, below.

Step Three: Request information today!

Girls’ Night Out Package: $30/person
Movie admission; Entree; Appetizer or Dessert; plus, a glass of SMG Cellars Cabernet or Betty’s Blend, or a special Mom-a-Rita frozen margarita.

Party Like a Mother Package: $33/person
Movie admission; Entree; Appetizer or Dessert; plus a glass of Chloe Red Blend 249 or Kung Fu Girl Riesling, or a special Mother-of-all-Ritas frozen margarita with a champagne sidecar.

*Thank you to Studio Movie Grill who sent me tickets to watch Bad Moms in exchange for this blog post. All opinions expressed are my own and yes… I cannot wait to see this movie.

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