June 15, 2016


DoorDash helps families do the legwork at meal times

Happy Birthday DoorDash! The food delivery service turns one in Dallas and is now expanding into areas like Fort Worth and Arlington. Recently DoorDash invited IttyBittyFoodies to try their service and we jumped up and down at the thought of having a hot meal all prepared for us. If your household is anything like mine, the time leading up to family meal times are always a little like driving in Asia on the wrong side of the road without a road map for us. Three rambunctious boys turn into Gremlins around 4pm and somehow we muddle through to get dinner on the table. It's one of the reasons why IttyBittyFoodies recipes are designed to get you in and out of the kitchen in thirty minutes or less. However, our first DoorDash experience did not go as expected. For full disclosure, DoorDash provided us with a meal up to $50, all opinions are my own (as always) so read on to see hear this tale of two DoorDash deliveries.