October 11, 2015


How to slow cook duck legs

Cooking duck legs is deceptively easy and yet it's so intimidating for many because it's considered "fancy food". We love eating gourmet food but as a family of five always on the go, we need a quick recipe (at least with very little prep time). Using the slow cooker is the best way to cook duck legs especially if you're a beginner chef. This easy weeknight dinner recipe allows me to put all the ingredients in the Crockpot and then forget about it till we come home for dinner. Here's a basic recipe on how to slow cook duck legs but I've added an Asian flair to it by using soy sauce and a few Asian spices. Just know that you need about 1/2 cup of liquid in the slow cooker so if you're not up for soy sauce, substitute it with a simple broth and add your own vegetables in the last 30 minutes. It goes to show that you don't need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen to eat well. Once you've figured out your slow cooking, you'll be Crockin' it!